Thursday, July 27, 2006

All about me

My name is Debbie Langley. I am married to Gavin and have 2 gorgeous girls. Their names are Melissa Chelsea and Kelsey Rebecca Langley. All three of them are keen sporting enthusiasts and enjoy the outdoors. I am a qualified pharmacist and have recently completed Mary-ann Shearers NHN and NHC courses in Natural Health. Working as a pharmacist I quickly came to realise that drugs were not curing any of my patients' medical conditions, many of them were actually suffering from additional side effects. When Kelsey developed a dairy intolerance and I was faced with the choice of feeding her a bright red anti-histamine everyday or change our diet my nutritional journey began. Why the Natural Way? I am now passionate about healthy eating and giving my family the greatest gift I can give them, the gift of a long and healthy life. We have been following the Natural Way program for 3 years now and have never felt better. The comments keep rolling in. I am regularly inundated with requests to talk on healthy lunchboxes and this is why I blogged this site to offer other moms out there some inspiration. I also give various talks amongst them talks on "Healthy Lunchboxes" and "How to Disease Proof Your Child" and "The Parents role in Health, Wellness and Optimum Performance". For further information or to book a talk send an email to I also offer natural health consultations which are appointment based. Tariffs thereof as follows R500.00 for an initial consultation, R250.00 for an online consultation. Looking forward to meeting many of you along the way on our journey to health. Debbie

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