Friday, July 28, 2006

Lunch Box Idea: Strawberries and Homemade Trail Mix

Same old lunch box idea. As you can see I have once again included strawberries in Melissa and Kelsey's lunchbox today. Strawberries are definately in at the moment and will be eaten three times a day if permitted. We've had them in fruit salad, juiced, ice lollies, ice cream but their absolute favorite is to eat them as is or as an occasional treat drizzled with cream. For a bit of variety I have mixed them with peeled oranges. We also mixed our own trail mix this morning. This ensures that it is preservative free. I also like to include the girls, and have them add the bits that they really enjoy, as this ensures that the lunchbox comes home empty. They are running in a cross country race this afternoon in their brand new DSG running vests , and I also included a bottle of filtered water which I am sure will be devoured after the race if not before. The extra large kiwis which are imported from New Zealand, I managed to acquire reasonably inexpensively, they have also been enjoyed this week. I have also prepared fruit salad below which will be light on their stomach but will give them enough energy to complete their 2km run. I hope that they have eaten all their raisins as these are also an excellent natural energy source. I'm off to Laerskool Jopie Fourie for the cross country.Enjoy your weekend!

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