Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Healthy Snacks: Halva Bar and Spicy Popcorn

Healthy Snacks: Found some cubed mango yesterday and couldn't resist it. Even though the summer fruits are never quite as tasty out of season we had an early taste of summer. Raspberries are also always a huge hit in my home, it is a real pity about the prices though as this is definately a fruit I could stock up with. I also included some naartjie wedges and a few slices of sweet pineapple. I could also include a bag of popcorn everyday and it always comes home eaten. Kids love popcorn! This popcorn was made in my hot air popcorn popper, drizzled with cold pressed olive oil and then generously sprinkled with some of Mary-Ann's seasoning salt - delicious. The halva bar is made only from fresh ingredients sesame seeds, dates and raisins. It is one of my favourite Mary-Ann bars and I often tuck in as a treat. It is an excellent natural and sugar free alternative to energy bars but unfortunately my girls are not too fond of the taste, it is quite rich but decadent. I'm sure it will become an acquired taste in the not to distant future.

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