Friday, September 29, 2006

Lunch Box Idea: Shelled peas and popcorn

Melissa & Kelsey love popcorn and today for a bit of variety I popped it into a brown paper bag another cheap lunch box idea. The popcorn is air popped and drizzled with cold pressed olive oil and seasoned with some of Mary-ann's seasoning salt. I could pack a bag of popcorn everyday and my girls would love it but alas there would be no more inspirational ideas for the rest of you, so they generally have popcorn once maybe twice a week.Today they also had a box of CERES juice instead of there regular water bottle. I also packed in some shelled peas which I packed into plastic bank bags, some strawberries, orange segments and some raisins. (Opt for non-oiled raisins and check that they are preservative free).

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