Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sugar Free Party (Well almost.)

Kelsey turned 8 on the 4th March 2007. We had 22 9 year old's to entertain for an afternoon of dancing, sing-star and swimming, as you all well know this is a challenge on its own, I decided not to pump them full of sugar which always makes them over excited but offer healthy treats with kid appeal and in close liason with Kelsey we came up with the treats pictured. Brightly coloured bowls, serviettes and a funky tablecloth made the eats seem more spectacular. I did consent to a bowl of mini meringues and an ice-cream cake though. There are sugar free ice-cream cakes available but unfotunately pressed for time we opted for the regular variety close to home. The jugs were filled with diluted berry blaze and one with ice cold water. The feedback was great and all the girls thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon and no-one actually missed the regular poisoned party treats. Everyone wanted to know where we got the funky disco ball from though.
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