Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lunchboxes: Roasted Vegetable Wrap in a Funky Pink

At last we have 20 pink funky lunchboxes in stock. The girls couldn't wait to add them to our collection. We now have green, purple, pink and blue boxes stacked high in our tupperware cupboard. I truly am a sucker for anything related to lunchboxes and can definately be persuaded to make a purchase, if it adds interest, colour or fun to our daily routine. Roasted vegetable wraps, pineapple chips, watermelon triangles and grape kebabs made it into the pink funky lunchbox on its first trip to school. The girls polished everything, the pink box definately seems to have been a great hit. Also found this printed fairy wax wrap at our local grocer, quite nifty.

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