Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Raw Picnic Punch with Baby Potato Salad

A box filled with raw baby carrots, freshly podded green peas, sliced yellow pepper, naartjie, minneola and a few strawberries pack a punch today. I also included some baby potato salad and sliced red salad onions in a separate container to help calm the carbo cravings, see the small insert in the bottom right of the image. I recently had my body composition tested and to my surprise my body fat percentage was above norm despite my ideal body weight and water percentage way below norm. I have never really been a drinker and often a whole day will pass without me consuming any liquid at all this resulted in me being virtually dehydrated. We are now making a concious effort to up the water intake back to 6-8 glasses per day and so the girls once again have a bottle of spring water packed in to still the thirst.

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